Cloud Chasers

Awards & Recognition

  • 82/100 - Metacritic
  • Winner, Grand Prix - European Indie Games Days 2015
  • Winner, Best Environmental Game - Brazilian Independent Game Festival 2016
  • Official Selection - IndieCade @ E3 2015
  • Official Selection - Indie Arena Gamescom
  • Finalist, Best Mobile and Tablet Game - Game Connection Europe 2015
  • Finalist - Indie Plus 2016


Cloud Chasers is a narrative-driven mobile game set in a steampunk world. Players guide Francisco and his daughter Amelia as they cross five deadly deserts in hope of reaching the city above the clouds. The game tackles the complicated topic of clandestine migration by telling the story of one family's search for a better life.


When I arrived on the project the design team provided a basic plot arc and examples of their excellent art design. I built out the entire Cloud Chasers setting including significant moments in history, descriptions of several cultures and languages, and the types and limitations of the setting's technology. This work culminated in a hundred page narrative design document that could serve as a launchpad for any possible future projects in the same setting.

Once the world had been established, I developed 220 story events that players would encounter. This involved defining the main characters Francisco and Amelia, and how they would react to the challenges thrown their way. I extensively researched the stories of real migrants, both legal and clandestine, to provide realism to the events. Since the events impact character stats such as health and water, I was also responsible for tracking and tweaking the impact my events had on game systems.