Ellis Island

  • Role: Lead Content Designer
  • Developer: Emergent Game Group
  • Platform: Unity engine on PC/Mac


Ellis Island is an unreleased social MMO developed at Georgia Tech's Experimental Game Lab. Set in New York during the 1920s, Ellis Island explores the topic of immigration from a historical perspective. Players take on the role of newcomers to the city who try to thrive in a complex social environment. Characters can take jobs, join social clubs, and try to improve their standing in their neighborhood. Ellis Island has no combat system and instead focuses on resolving conflict through roleplaying and the "Social Conflict" minigame.


As the Lead Content Designer for Ellis Island, I oversaw a small team of writers and researchers as they developed the quests and setting for the game. As each team member had ownership of separate neighborhoods, my job was to maintain a high standard of quality on quests and integrate the stories into a cohesive world. I guided newer team members towards best research practices, and developed structured templates for scriptwriting and documentation.

I was collaborated closely with the Game Design, Art, and Programming leads to develop milestones and blueprints for development. Specifically, I worked with the Lead Game Designer to create our character creation system and an innovative language system. 


A quick preview video of Ellis Island used during demonstrations and pitching.