Fourth Wall Studios


Fourth Wall Studios was a digital entertainment studio that produced award-winning television series and ground-breaking games. The studio developed the RIDES experience which allowed an audience to become more immersed in its video content. Additionally, Fourth Wall helped develop GE Wonderground, a web- and mobile-based scavenger hunt game.


While at Fourth Wall Studios, I worked closely with Elan Lee (Exploding Kittens, I Love Bees ARG) and Steve Peters (Why So Serious, Year Zero) to create and test content for several multimedia projects. For GE Wonderground, I designed and implemented missions that had players following clues to find real-world locations in the Los Angeles area. I was also responsible for creating Achievements for the web-based portion of this game. 

Additionally, my responsibilities included extensive playtesting of content on the RIDES platform such as The Gamblers, Dark Wall, and Flare. I also collaborated with others on the Experience Design team in designing and prototyping of unreleased mobile game.


This is the introductory trailer for GE Wonderground, which I contributed mission and achievement designs to. Although the game is now defunct, this trailer provides a good sense of the tone and gameplay.

Screenshot from the web-based version of GE Wonderground. Demonstrates an example of the types of clues and interactions players could find.