Ms. Vision by Proxy

  • Role: Narrative Designer and Level Designer
  • Developed by: Team Giraffasaurus
  • Platform: Flash Browser Game
  • Available on: Kongregate or Newgrounds


Ms. Vision by Proxy is a puzzle-platformer sequel to the award-winning Vision by Proxy 2nd Ed. Players guide a strange one-eyed alien who absorbs the vision of people she meets so she can see from their perspective. Along the way, she collects items to help her build a mysterious object.


  • "...with more of the clever gameplay you enjoyed before and some beautiful new points of view to explore, she's just as fun as before." -
  • Browser Game Pick -


After the success of the original Vision by Proxy, Team Giraffasaurus wanted the sequel to incorporate more narrative elements to motivate the player. I was brought on to create a minimalist story structure and build out the themes for the game. We decided to focus on the death of the main character's father and how she tries to keep his memory alive. I scripted the opening cinematic and helped design the sequence that collectible items will be encountered.

Additionally, I used the team's proprietary editor to design and tweak several levels, one of which ended up in the final product.