Tiamat Media

  • Role: Lead Narrative Designer / Puzzle Designer
  • Developed by: Georgia Tech Emergent Game Group
  • Platform: Alternate Reality Game at DragonCon 2013


Tiamat Media was an ARG specifically designed to be played at DragonCon 2013, one of the largest multi-genre fan conventions in the United States. The game told the story of a mysterious media company attempting to claim ownership of all works of fan-created art. Players had the opportunity to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and eventually unravel the sinister plot at the center of the game.


As Lead Narrative Designer for the Georgia Tech Emergent Game Group, my job was to oversee story development and design how plot points would be integrated into gameplay. For Tiamat Media, each team member developed a small story idea and I brought together all the threads into a single plot. I worked closely with our Lead Game Designer to combine the story and gameplay elements into a fun and compelling live-action game.

Additionally, I was responsible for creating several "in-universe" artifacts that players could find as they explored the game. This included company memos, phone call recordings, and websites that would reveal story moments. Beyond simply writing the text or script, this artifact creation involved using Photoshop and audio editing software to make each item feel believable.


Produced by Laura Schluckebier, this video covers the creation and goals for the Tiamat Media ARG.