Writing Samples

Over the years I've had the opportunity to write stories for a broad set of media, including games, film, and the Web. I've covered topics from immigration and politics, to historic cultural movements, to the latest discoveries in tech. As a ceaseless learner, I'm always searching for new info to vacuum into my head and use on a new project.

Video Games

  • Cloud Chasers

  • This award-winning mobile rogue-like uses randomized events to tell the story of a father and daughter crossing deadly deserts to make a better life for themselves. As the game progresses, story events pop up and players must choose how to react. The choice can affect character health, water levels, or their inventory. At the end of each playthrough, a journal tells the story of the journey from Francisco's point of view.

  • Bold text next to Player Options means that the player needs a specific item for the option to be available. The Opening Log and Outcome Logs are the text that appear in Francisco's journal at the end of each game.

    • Taking Shelter - A sandstorm force Amelia and Francisco into hiding. (2 pages)

    • Students of the Scribe - Worshippers of the written word offer rest and conversation. (3 pages)

    • Cargo Container - Francisco struggles to rescue prisoners trapped in a metal container. (3 pages)

    • Selling Luck - Amelia becomes enamored with a mysterious trinket. (2 pages)

  • Ellis Island

  • An unreleased social MMO about the immigrant experience set in New York during the 1920s. Developed by the Experimental Game Group at Georgia Tech. A playable demo was developed in Unity, and I implemented the quest text.

    • Welcome to the Neighborhood - First phase of the intro quest in the playable demo. This starts with the assumption that players have just started the game. Characters have just come off the boat and been released from processing. (3 pages)

  • Virtual Harlem

  • A simulation experience in Second Life designed to educate people about the Harlem Renaissance. Players interacted with characters from history and visited virtual versions of locations from the era. Developed by the Experimental Game Group at Georgia Tech.

    • Learning the Trade - Meet the infamous Madam St. Clair as she instructs the player in the Policy Game. (2 pages)


  • Spin Cycle

  • A short screenplay about being stuck in a rut and taking risks to get out of it. Inspired by the stories of The Twilight Zone and weird fiction.

    • Spin Cycle - Screenplay for a short film. (12 pages)


  • Save Fernbankia

  • This project was an educational scavenger hunt prototype created for the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Our goal was to make learning about ecosystems and environment exciting for children. The team decided that an intrepid young explorer, Jeanette, would be the guide through the experience.

    • Save Fernbankia Prologue - A short piece of fiction which provided Jeanette's backstory. Intended for promotional material as an introduction to the world and fantasy of the game. The game's target demographic was young children, so this was written in the style of a parent telling their child a story. (2 pages)